May 26th

This video is amazing. Jaw droppingly amazingly beautiful.

In the interest of full disclosure, I also made a video about snorkels and stingrays. I think they won the “holy shit that’s awesome” competition.

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May 25th

Dan highlighted this video for me on Facebook. I’ve one question: how much for one?

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May 02nd

Sometimes I look at video of people doing awesome things. I think. Heh. Maybe. One day. That. That could be me. Not this time.

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Apr 22nd

Fun idea. Like it. Thanks to Paulo for the heads up.

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Apr 21st
Apr 20th
Apr 19th

360° Video using 6 GoPro Cameras – spherical panorama timelapse from j0n4s.

Details on how it was done can be found here. Thanks to Paulo for showing this to me.

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Feb 18th
Nov 21st

SUP (Stand Up Pirates) from the Grand Cayman Pirate Week Stand Up Paddle board event. Footage was from Paulo and myself. Really enjoyed this edit as it allowed me to play with colour grading – something I’ve done a hundred times with photos, but not with video for a very long time.

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Aug 13th

I am forever impressed by the skills demonstrated by trials riders and their ability to hop all over the shop with grace and precision.

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