Sep 16th

Generally feel lost in life – and that’s OK. However, means that often very little gets me excited. So when something makes all my hairs stand on end and that spark of excitement screams throughout my body, I’ve got to share. Watching this trailer did it. It inspires. If you squint, it’s where I want to be snowboarding wise in years to come. The upcoming adventure in Japan, and several months in North America will hopefully cement the path being taken. Enjoy the trailer. Can’t wait to get this film and watch it completely.

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May 26th

This video is amazing. Jaw droppingly amazingly beautiful.

In the interest of full disclosure, I also made a video about snorkels and stingrays. I think they won the “holy shit that’s awesome” competition.

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May 25th

Dan highlighted this video for me on Facebook. I’ve one question: how much for one?

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May 24th

Snorkels and Stingrays from me!
We took a trip to Stingray City. We did some jumping. Some snorkelling. Some stingraying.

It was a great afternoon of fun and games. Apart from the bit where Magnus’ trunks fell down. And I had to pixelate the area.

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May 22nd

Ten dives, one cut is a cut of all the dive footage from Grand Cayman, May 2014.

There was a mixed group of people all about for Niqui and Paulo’s wedding.

A combination of all of us dived ten different locations: Macabuca, Don Foster’s, Eden Rock, Coconut Villas, Lighthouse Reef, Kittiwake, Pedro’s Castle (Pedro St. James), Big Tunnels, Kittiwake Reef and Sunset House.

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May 02nd

Sometimes I look at video of people doing awesome things. I think. Heh. Maybe. One day. That. That could be me. Not this time.

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Apr 22nd

Fun idea. Like it. Thanks to Paulo for the heads up.

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Apr 21st

One of my favourite short snowboard films. Inspired me to push it hard in Japan. Can’t believe I’ve not posted it here before.

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Apr 21st
Apr 20th