May 25th

Dan highlighted this video for me on Facebook. I’ve one question: how much for one?

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May 22nd

Ten dives, one cut is a cut of all the dive footage from Grand Cayman, May 2014.

There was a mixed group of people all about for Niqui and Paulo’s wedding.

A combination of all of us dived ten different locations: Macabuca, Don Foster’s, Eden Rock, Coconut Villas, Lighthouse Reef, Kittiwake, Pedro’s Castle (Pedro St. James), Big Tunnels, Kittiwake Reef and Sunset House.

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Mar 18th

Time Lapse Experiment by me.

Light was great and wanted to play with time lapse photography again. Two locations. One a traffic junction with the aim to try time lapse with longer exposure. Second was sunset on the beach. Unfortunately jitter on the beach due to the wind blowing.

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Feb 19th

Doesn’t look like it should exist. But it does exist. And I now know of it. I want to watch it.

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Dec 05th
Nov 21st

SUP (Stand Up Pirates) from the Grand Cayman Pirate Week Stand Up Paddle board event. Footage was from Paulo and myself. Really enjoyed this edit as it allowed me to play with colour grading – something I’ve done a hundred times with photos, but not with video for a very long time.

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Aug 06th

Great mash up of Doctor Who and The Thick Of It. Hat tip to Bailey for the heads up.

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Jul 25th

I made a film about the NSSnow trip this year. Enjoy.

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Mar 19th
Feb 04th

Having shown the Olympics bullet time in the previous post, it is amazing how they are now able to do in real-time. I guess that is a sign of technology evolution over 14 years.

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