Sep 16th

Generally feel lost in life – and that’s OK. However, means that often very little gets me excited. So when something makes all my hairs stand on end and that spark of excitement screams throughout my body, I’ve got to share. Watching this trailer did it. It inspires. If you squint, it’s where I want to be snowboarding wise in years to come. The upcoming adventure in Japan, and several months in North America will hopefully cement the path being taken. Enjoy the trailer. Can’t wait to get this film and watch it completely.

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Apr 21st

One of my favourite short snowboard films. Inspired me to push it hard in Japan. Can’t believe I’ve not posted it here before.

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Apr 18th

Local Roaming from Will Taggart.

More Jackson Hole Kiters footage. Great to watch. Want to go explore.

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Apr 17th

Thinlines from Will Taggart.

This is so extremely fucking good. I have to go to Jackson Hole. I have to take my kite gear.

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Feb 18th
Feb 10th

Graham Bell skis the Olympic course. Looks insane. And fast. And insane. (Only complaint? Wish they’d rolling shutter corrected the ski mounted footage)

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Feb 04th
Jan 16th
Jul 25th

I made a film about the NSSnow trip this year. Enjoy.

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Mar 08th

Flysurfer Ataraxia Project – Full Version HD from FLYSURFER Kiteboarding.

Fascinating short documentary on trying to scale a mountain using wind power alone in Alaska. Beautifully shot and very different to the traditional fast paced, high octane kite videos. Great story.

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