May 02nd

Sometimes I look at video of people doing awesome things. I think. Heh. Maybe. One day. That. That could be me. Not this time.

On the subject of big hits (Feat of Awesome, Mountain Biking)

Feb 10th

Great riding. Lush lines. Some great North Shore. Can’t wait for the half-marathon to be done so I can focus on getting on the bike. Oh, dry conditions too. That’d be nice.

On the subject of mountain biking Austria (Mountain Biking)

Feb 03rd

Aston Hill Bike Park from Robert Górski. Used to ride my mountain bike as a kid round the Aston Hill / Wendover Woods area. Never saw anything like this. Want to head back to where some of my family lives to see some of these tracks.

On the subject of riding Aston Hill (Mountain Biking)

Jan 29th
Jan 16th

Church from ZfH Productions. A really nicely produced video. Makes me want to get the Tomac out and ride. Especially some of those trails.

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Aug 08th
Jul 31st
Jul 30th
Jul 29th

Went to Cannock Chase. Did some riding. Did some recording. This was the result.

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Jul 26th

Epic video of a gap jump, over the Tour de France. Prep and jump included. Epic.

On the subject of the Gap de Tour de France (Feat of Awesome, Mountain Biking)