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The rear brake on the Tomac has been playing up recently – zero pressure in the lever and it travel all the way back to the handle bar without a hint of actually providing any stopping power.

With the Quest Adventure monthly ride rapidly approaching, I dropped the bike off three days early in the hope they might be able to have a quick look at the brake, perhaps bleed it and get it ready.

I received a call though. The call of dread and bad news – the brake was knackered and going to have to be replaced under warranty. Which would take 10-14 days. Without even stopping for a breath, I was told not to worry and that rather than offer me a demo bike, they have put a temporary SLX brake on the Tomac off one of the demo bikes so I could still take my own bike out on the ride.

I’m super impressed with the service and continue to highly recommend Quest for all round excellent cycling related-ness.

On the subject of amazing customer service (Mountain Biking)

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