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Jan 29th
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Aug 09th

I’ve always been a great fan of Marmite’s advertising. This is exceptional. Very funny. Very well done.

On the subject of Marmite neglect (It's funny. Laugh.)

Aug 07th

This guy is either a comic genius on levels we have never known before and thus trolling the internet. Or other reasons.

Either way. I just don’t know anymore. The internet has made the world far too meta.

On the subject of… I just don’t know anymore (It's funny. Laugh.)

Aug 05th

Brilliant. Almost fell over when I saw Jason Bateman.

On the subject of Hopeless Wandering (It's funny. Laugh.)

Jul 23rd
Apr 30th

Hat tip to Clo for this utterly amazing advert.

On the subject of shipping my pants (It's funny. Laugh.)