Feb 19th

Doesn’t look like it should exist. But it does exist. And I now know of it. I want to watch it.

On the subject of Guardians of the Galaxy (Films)

Feb 18th
Feb 10th

Graham Bell skis the Olympic course. Looks insane. And fast. And insane. (Only complaint? Wish they’d rolling shutter corrected the ski mounted footage)

On the subject of the Sochi downhill ski course (Snowboarding)

Feb 10th

Great riding. Lush lines. Some great North Shore. Can’t wait for the half-marathon to be done so I can focus on getting on the bike. Oh, dry conditions too. That’d be nice.

On the subject of mountain biking Austria (Mountain Biking)

Feb 04th
Feb 03rd

Two Faces from Kitesurf ireland.ie. Any sport related film should leave you in awe. Or it should make you want to pick up some gear and go ride. This film confirms my suspicions that I really need to pick up my gear and go explore some of the kite spots in Ireland.

On the subject of wave riding in Ireland (Kiting)

Feb 03rd
Feb 03rd

Aston Hill Bike Park from Robert Górski. Used to ride my mountain bike as a kid round the Aston Hill / Wendover Woods area. Never saw anything like this. Want to head back to where some of my family lives to see some of these tracks.

On the subject of riding Aston Hill (Mountain Biking)

Jan 30th
Jan 29th