Aug 05th

Went to GoApe with Rob, Clo, Pieter and Katy. Took some footage. Cut it and uploaded it. Was good fun.

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Aug 01st
Jul 31st
Jul 30th
Jul 28th

… with care and attention. Thanks to Mike for showing me this.

On the subject of placing your bike on the roof rails… (Feat of Awesome)

Jul 26th

Epic video of a gap jump, over the Tour de France. Prep and jump included. Epic.

On the subject of the Gap de Tour de France (Feat of Awesome, Mountain Biking)

Jul 26th

I’d like to BASE jump. This video is awesome. It makes me want to BASE jump even more.

On the subject of BASE jumping (Feat of Awesome)

Mar 19th
Jan 27th

I’ve a small, ever-so-slight, love of jets.

I saw this video on Hack A Day a long time ago and was recently reminded of it. Once in the air, combined with the jet turbine engine sounds, you’d be forgiven for thinking it was real.

The project has a build log and pictures of the certification flight.

On the subject of model jets (Feat of Awesome)