Nov 22nd

At Barkers beach, Grand Cayman.

On the subject of warm water kiteboarding (Kiting)

Nov 21st

SUP (Stand Up Pirates) from the Grand Cayman Pirate Week Stand Up Paddle board event. Footage was from Paulo and myself. Really enjoyed this edit as it allowed me to play with colour grading – something I’ve done a hundred times with photos, but not with video for a very long time.

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Aug 27th

We went coasteering and I took some video. You can see my other films here.

On the subject of jumping into white water (Life)

Aug 26th

I’ve pre-ordered a PS4. I was going to order a Xbox One. Then I heard this was going to be on the PC.

On the subject of Titanfall (Gaming)

Aug 25th

I can’t wait for this Diablo 3 expansion. Going to rock.

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Aug 19th
Aug 15th
Aug 14th

Some suck riding at

The Gorge from Slingshot Kite.

Still a place high on my places I’d like to go kite.

On the subject of kiting The Gorge (Kiting)

Aug 13th

I am forever impressed by the skills demonstrated by trials riders and their ability to hop all over the shop with grace and precision.

On the subject of some impressive boulder trials riding (Feat of Awesome)

Aug 12th