Jul 23rd

The other evening the light was amazing. As I stepped out the flat with my camera, the juxtaposition of the street lighting and the beautiful reds and blues of the sky looked amazing. I tried to capture some of that with this set of photos.

On the subject of natural and artificial light (Photography)

Mar 06th
Jan 28th

Sushi Garden in Brighton. The meal was fantastic and the first time I’d ever had soft-shell crab.

On the subject of great sushi (Photography)

Jan 27th

Went for a walk today to enjoy the sun and see if there was enough wind to kite. Decided to take the 60D with me and take some snaps. The shore dump was pushing in today and I wanted to try and capture some of it. Click the image to see the flickr set.

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Jan 25th

Taken whilst at a wedding in Grand Cayman.

On the subject of amazing sunsets (Photography)

Jan 23rd

This a friend. Like all friends they can be grumpy. This friend is called Flappity.

On the subject of grumpy turtles (Photography)

Jan 21st

Learnt to dive in Grand Cayman in December. Was lucky enough to dive Pedros and even luckier to get a photo of me 90ft underwater in an awesome blue background.

On the subject of diving (Photography)

Aug 21st
Aug 20th
Aug 19th