Apr 18th

Local Roaming from Will Taggart.

More Jackson Hole Kiters footage. Great to watch. Want to go explore.

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Apr 17th

Thinlines from Will Taggart.

This is so extremely fucking good. I have to go to Jackson Hole. I have to take my kite gear.

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Mar 31st

First Day of Spring from ML?.

Strong believer that any video about something awesome should inspire you to go do something awesome. This video nails it.

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Feb 04th
Feb 03rd

Two Faces from Kitesurf ireland.ie. Any sport related film should leave you in awe. Or it should make you want to pick up some gear and go ride. This film confirms my suspicions that I really need to pick up my gear and go explore some of the kite spots in Ireland.

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Nov 22nd

At Barkers beach, Grand Cayman.

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Aug 14th

Some suck riding at

The Gorge from Slingshot Kite.

Still a place high on my places I’d like to go kite.

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Mar 08th

Flysurfer Ataraxia Project – Full Version HD from FLYSURFER Kiteboarding.

Fascinating short documentary on trying to scale a mountain using wind power alone in Alaska. Beautifully shot and very different to the traditional fast paced, high octane kite videos. Great story.

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Mar 06th
Mar 01st