Feb 03rd
Jul 30th

Recently received a top up order and decided to nicely arrange all the tasty beer bottles on a shelf.

There is: Paradox Grain, Paradox Aran, Tokyo Rising Sun, Cocoa Pyscho, #MashTag, Hello My Name is Mette Marit, Dead Pony Club, Rip Tide, AB:12, Dog A, Dog B, Black Tokyo Horizon and San Diego Scotch Ale.

On the subject of a shelf of Brewdog (General)

Jul 25th
Jul 23rd

Next to The Other Stage there were some flags. Most of the weekend they looked nice. On the Saturday when the sun was out, they looked amazing.

On the subject of beautiful flags (General)

Feb 25th
Feb 22nd
Feb 11th

All seven seasons are on Netflix. Just in case you wondered.

On the subject of MacGyver (General)

Jan 01st
Dec 16th