if you see this guy on a forum, it is usually me!

Hi, my name is Chris Ross and I am the owner of a small software company in the UK called hiddenMemory.

hiddenMemory does various wonderful things to do with software development and has a focus on creating great software with an awesome user experience. We are currently working on various iPhone, iPad, Android and server based projects as well as being the official home of ferite and related projects. We have recently released ResourceHelper and working on some internal projects that should ship at some point 2013.

I love to code and have a particular interest in programming languages, mobile applications and graphics programming.

My main open source project at the moment is the ferite scripting language. Please see here or here for more information. I have also worked on a number of other projects including Interactive Documents (a dynamic online documentation system).

I am more than a little obsessed with kite flying and regularly kiteboard. When there is no wind I like to tear it up on the hills with some mountain biking. I’ve also been known to snowboard and scuba dive.

Drop an email to chris at darkrock.co.uk if you want my personal side.

Drop an email to chris at hiddenmemory.co.uk if you want my business side.

Otherwise you can use Twitter to send me messages.